Build 7 is deployed

Hello, friends!

Build 7 is ready and pre-alpha is opened!

In build 7 you may join the server, explore new world, gather wood and hunt for peaceful boars (without rewarding). That's all at the moment.

It's not full of features as i planned, but it's on live after a long pause in development. I'm remaking/refactoring everything in code and i didn't have a time to remake many of features, so it's disabled in current build, but it will be enabled bit by bit in next builds.

So, why did i publish a less featured build? I came to next scheme: to publish build every friday, nevermind what is done, build must be published with current set of realized features (like weekly report). This is my plan for january.

This is very early pre-alpha still. Thanks for understanding in advance.

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Jan 12, 2018

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