First alpha 0.1.0 is deployed


New in 0.1.0:

  • added building system (B button) and campfire, personal house, storage box, bed (respawn)
  • added survival feature "hunger"
  • added sounds
  • added global chat (ENTER button)
  • added cooked meat (craft at campfire)
  • added repair hammer
  • added options (ESC button): grass settings, volume, mouse sensitivity
  • a little improve of lighting system
  • fixed gathering amount of wooden mace

Building system works next: you need 1 wood to build structure with 1 hitpoint. It will be deployed in partial form, you need to repair building over 1/3 of full hitpoints to build up every walls.

The cost was increased to 5.00USD

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Feb 10, 2018 452 MB
Feb 10, 2018 469 MB
Feb 10, 2018


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