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This is a singleplayer standalone version of "Medieval Towns" - the game in medieval setting about survival, politics, building of towns and conquests.

Key features:

  • huge world with different biomes (in dev)
  • different climatic areas (in dev)
  • diverse animal world with own life, migrations, etc (in dev)
  • AI nations with diplomatic relations and wars (in dev)
  • Crafting tools, weapons, armor (in dev)
  • Building towns, siege machines (in dev)
  • Hire AI in own army (in dev)
  • Trading (in dev)
  • Robbery of caravans (in deep dev)

Please, before buy the game be sure what you receive!
The game is still in development and there is some chance that the game development can be discontinued! To minimize negative consequences the cost at different stages will be different, so you pay for current content: low price in the beginning and high price in the end of the development. If you buy in the beginning you risk a small amount of money and get incomplete product, but in future you'll receive all updates for free.

Current gameplay:
You are in the west clan. Work for your king (gather wood or fight with east clan) or just explore the world. Gather meat from boars, water - from ponds. Wooden club improves gathering resources (only wood at the moment), torch lights your way.
Q - craft panel (click on the icon to craft)
E - open/close loot
G - give item in current slot to the king
TAB - open/close inventory

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You may watch and discuss the development at Twitch:

More information

Published 23 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags3D, Casual, Medieval, pve, Singleplayer, Survival
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Download demo

medieval-towns-lone-hero-0.0.1-win32.zip 254 MB
medieval-towns-lone-hero-0.0.1-macosx.app.zip 274 MB
medieval-towns-lone-hero-0.0.1-linux.zip 288 MB